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Staycation: How to Chill Out with an At-Home Retreat

Staycation: How to Chill Out with an At-Home Retreat

Ever notice you're exhausted but not really tired, or super tired but just can't sleep?  That's the stress and mental exhaustion talking. Life gets so hectic, overscheduled, and just too busy sometimes. Quite moments, spa days, a good book, nature, music, and good healthy eats are all ways I really love to self-care and relax. Giving yourself 1 on 1 time to recharge is an important way to live a happier, fulfilling life.

Have you ever thought about scheduling an at home solo retreat?!?! Yep, you read that right. A DIY retreat is a great way to recharge doing the things that fill up your cup. 


It's actually pretty easy and cheap too and you don't have to book a flight or deal with traveling! I've put together a schedule for a relaxing at-home retreat, along with some tips to make it absolutely perfect!

Put it on your calendar

It sounds simple enough but actually scheduling it harder than it sounds. Find a day that will work best for you then literally schedule YOUR RETREAT! and allow NOTHING to interfere. Read that again.  Mark it on your calendar in advance and make arrangements to keep the day free — hire a babysitter or even take a mental health day from work, send your SO out for the day, basically anything that will get you 100% time to yourself. 

Don't have a full day? No biggie, just plan a half-day mini-retreat!

Retreat Day On Budget

If you want to enjoy the day super cheap, do this at home or if you want to enjoy a day with a little something extra, call a local hotel and book 1 night. You can check in mid day, enjoy the afternoon, night, and morning all to yourself. 

Bonus Tip: Look for a hotel that has a spa so you can enjoy the pool, sauna, and room service. :)

Unplug and reset

Turn your phone on airplane mode, set an out of office on your work email, or log off of social media for the day so you can focus entirely on you. I used to think if I wasn't actually working and completely available, the world would explode but guess what it never did. Shock, right?! Take this time to unplug to reset.

Life changing Ways to Self Care by Me Time Botanicals
(Right Click to Save this Image or screenshot it to make it a screen saver as a reminder)

Create a relaxing environment

Clutter, dirty dishes, and a messy space stresses the mind, so make sure you have a clean, quiet space before your retreat day begins. if you're enjoying the day at home. 

If essential oils bring you joy, incorporate them into your retreat. I love diffusing sweet orange because it always brightens my day. If you have a strong connection with music, create a playlist or turn on Pandora or Spotify vacation/island vibey music (I like Beach Radio on Pandora) that makes you happy. Have it playing in the background.

You know how spas or boutique hotels always are clean, uncluttered, with that relaxing or beachy/vacay music always playing? It relaxes your mind. Bring that same feeling to your everyday. Play that type of music when washing dishes, cooking, paying the bills, chores..anything to put you in a better mood is always a good thing. 

So adding music and relaxing/uplifting scents into your retreat will help melt away your stress too. AAAAHHHH, sweet relaxation!

Schedule movement into your retreat

Moving isn't just healthy for your body; it's a way to release stress, boost circulation, and strengthen the connection between your mind and your body.

Turn on a fun dance workout, or go for a bike ride or walk, if you're staying at a hotel, hit their workout room to get a little sweat going or enjoy their sauna or steam room.

Healthy Living woman drinking smoothie

Plan your meals first

Think of some healthy, nourishing meals you would love to eat. Make some refreshing spa water. Buy your ingredients in advance so you don't need to worry about running to the store. Prep your meals breakfast, lunch, and dinner, plus yummy snacks so you can just grab them and enjoy. Or schedule your favorite meal to be delivered from your favorite restaurant. And if you're staying at a hotel, easy peasy, indulge in room service or their delicious meals at a table for 1.

Enjoy what you love

The main goal of the retreat is to spend time doing things you love, even if it's doing nothing at all. But if you want to do more, creating a schedule is a great way to be sure you can fit it all in the day. But be flexible, too! Don't be afraid to spend extra time on an activity you're enjoying, even if it means you're a little off schedule.

Feel free to make it your own with what resonate with you the most.

Here's some tips to help you plan your perfect at-home retreat

-Wake up slowly without an alarm. Sleep is the most important thing you can do for your body. Take your time getting dressed in some comfy clothes and doing your skincare routine.

-Enjoy your warm lemon water, coffee or herbal tea outside to connect with nature.

-Incorporate mindful movement to energize yourself. Try a new easy but fun dance workout like this to pump up your day or your favorite way to move.

-Try Intermittent Fasting where all of your meals are within an 7-8 hour time frame. Say between 11-7. Your digestion will improve and you'll boost your energy.

-Have a healthy breakfast like overnight oats, a protein smoothie bowl, or a vegetable-filled frittata. After breakfast, give yourself some downtime! 

Me Time Spa Day DIY Retreat

-Spa Day No retreat is complete without a head to toe spa treatment!  

  1.  Start with a scalp massage using Nourish Me. Slowy and mindfully massage your scalp then saturate your hair root to tip for a moisturizing aromatherapy hair treatment. Pull hair back then.
  2.  Enjoy a lengthy nourishing mask with Clean Slate and Berry Bright. Leave this combo on as long as you like while you curl up with a good book, slip into the tub, or sip on a smoothie, herbal tea or cuppa joe. Remember to light a non-toxic candle or diffuse your favorite essential oil blend for even more relaxing benefits.
  3. Hop in the shower whenever you're ready to wash out the hair treatment and rinse off the face mask. While you're in the shower, take time to exfoliate your entire body with In the Buff. After you step out of the shower, explore your body through a self massage with Nourish Me as you move from your toes to your fingertips. 
Your skin will feel smoother, softer and you'll be more relaxed.

-Have a healthy lunch like a salad or grain bowl filled with your favorite stir-fried veggies and chicken, seafood, or go all plant-based with roasted chickpea or tofu.

-Get inspired. Do some goal-setting or journaling! Journaling idea: write a letter to someone you love or write a letter to your future self. Read an inspiring book.

Practice meditating outside (either sitting or a walking meditation). If you prefer a guided meditation, the Headspace App or YouTube are great places to look.

-Take a nap!

-Have an early dinner. Cook a special dinner recipe at home if you love cooking or order from a favorite restaurant. It's ok to treat yourself.

-Do something you love-Go to a movie, see a play, head out to see some live music, go kayaking, floating, hiking, zip lining or anything vacation-like, browse a museum, your local library, take a hobby class (local colleges have many), hit the lake, beach, mountains, go to a park. Cook a special dinner recipe at home if you love cooking or order from a favorite restaurant. It's ok to treat yourself.

-Enjoy a glass of wine. Wind down with a luxe at-home spa night before bed. Relax your muscles from head to toe with a facial massage.

-Gentle relaxing restorative stretch to finish the day.

Giving yourself time to recharge isn't selfish, it's a necessity. You'll feel more refreshed.

So make a list of the things you love to do. Then make a list of the things you do daily. Compare the 2 lists, adjust accordingly. Every day can't be a retreat but you can incorporate little things into your life that restore you. 


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