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#1 Secret Guaranteed to Firm & Brighten: 3 Step Facial Massage

#1 Secret Guaranteed to Firm & Brighten: 3 Step Facial Massage

We are all on a quest to trade dull skin for a more youthful looking glow.  A facial massage is your secret weapon. Seriously, isn't the massage always the best part of facials, manis, pedis, or any spa treatment? I'm a sucker for a massage. It feels so so good. I'm even a bigger fan of the benefits of a facial massage. Have you ever noticed that after a facial you leave looking glowy and relaxed?!  Ever wonder why? Spoiler's the massage! 

But does an at home facial massage really work just as well as the ones at the spa? Absolfreakinglutely! It lifts the brow, tones and tightens facial muscles as well! The best, you can do this every day. Just don't over complicate it.

The 1 best skincare hack that all skin experts can agree upon is the benefits of a facial massage. It reduces facial tension, softens frown lines, and boosts circulation to increase blood flow, oxygen, and stimulate collagen production. It's super relaxing and de-stressing too.


Let's dive into the benefits of a massage.

Stress and inflammation are always two key factors in dull skin. A facial massage is like Pilates and Yoga for your face relaxing muscles, stimulating collagen, increasing blood flow, and reducing inflammation giving you a yoga glow. 

Increases circulation 

Facial massage also increases blood flow, promotes cellular turnover and stimulates the increase of collagen production all due to oxygen flooding to the skin.  The boosted circulation also reduces inflammation, puffy skin, and encourages movement of stagnant lymph. Hello refreshed, smooth, glowy skin!

You are probably wondering how to give yourself a facial massage. Do you need a gua sha, or a jade roller? Those skin tools are great but you already have EXACT what you need..your hands. Yep, that's right, the BEST beauty tool are your hands. It only takes 1 or 2 minutes and two hands to complete this invigorating DIY facial massage to tone, depuff, lift, and release tension.

Incorporating this massage 2-3 times a week with a good skincare routine for your skin type will give you radiant healthy skin.

Relieves tension

Since we hold stress in our muscles and fascia (the weave of connective tissue built of mainly collagen), a facial massage releases the tension in the jaw, forehead, and around the eyes. I'm looking at you forehead lines and the damn vertical line that never fails to show up in between the eyes after working on the computer or being stressed. The gentle touch of a facial massage relaxes tight muscles and melts away stress in your face allowing fine lines to soften.   


Step by Step Easy Facial Massage

Always start with freshly washed hands and a clean face. Never touch your face with dirty hands. Apply a facial oil or a  balm to oil like Clean Slate . This brings moisture to the skin and allows your hands to glide easily across your face. Ok, let's get started.

Pro Tip: Never don’t pull at the skin. Always use upward strokes

Step 1: Relax forehead muscles and frown lines. Massage using circular motions along your forehead, between the eyes, over the brow bones moving out to your temples with loosely closed fists (fingers facing your face) . Repeat for 1 Minute.

Step 2: Depuff eyes and lift the brow.  Apply a little extra oil or Clean Slate if needed before massaging around the eyes to avoid pulling the delicate skin.

    • With medium pressure, start at the bridge of your nose and run your middle and ring finger pads (tips) under the brow bone out to your temples. This massage technique helps lift the brow. Repeat motion 10 times. 
    • Sweep finger tips under brow bone, around to the outside corners of your eyes, along the under eye and then to the inside corners, moving back under the brow bone. Trace the eyes in a gentle circle for 30 seconds.

Step 3: Release jaw tension, smooth, and tone. Sweep the palms and heels of your hands (where your hand meet the writs) along both sides of your face at the same time with medium light pressure. Start at the chin and work your way up your gorgeous face. 

    • Start at chin moving up jawline towards your ears
    • Move from either sides of your nose along your cheeks to temples.
    • Sweep across the forehead out to temples. 
    • Repeat 10 times

Your face should feel invigorated because this is a mini workout for your muscles.  Do you feel the tension melting away? You should also notice a healthy glow, plumper skin, softened fine lines, and slightly more defined features.

If you have time, I recommend helping to move any stagnant lymph with a quick medium pressure sweeping motions down the both sides of your neck. Repeat motions for 30 seconds.

Looking for an step by step at home facial? Watch here for our Me Time Microcurrent and Red Light Therapy Facial we do at our Flagship Shop & Day Spa. 





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