Skincare Hacks: Top 3 Ways to Get More from RevitalEyezing

January 26, 2022

Skincare Hacks: Top 3 Ways to Get More from RevitalEyezing

Ever wonder if you’re getting the most out of your skincare? With the plethora of product on the shelves these days, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with exactly how to use everything.  My moto: “Skincare should be simple!” 

Without further ado, I bring you a new series of the top 3 ways to use XXX. Today is all about RevitalEyezing, Advanced Correcting Eye Serum + Lash and Brow Enhancing Concentrate(watch the video and read for more tips and tricks below)


If you were around for Morning Perk (which was the first eye serum I created), I knew I could make Morning Perk do so much more. Luckily, I tackled the task… it's time to throw away those undereye patches. No more buying and juggling a lash serum, a brow serum, and an eye cream, all because I packed so many hair follicle stimulating, growth enhancing, restorative and soothing extracts to do all the things including probiotic, peptides, and plant oils to promote healthier brighter more youthful eyes. 

RevitalEyezing will have you saying goodbye puffy eyes and dark circles, hello longer thicker, lashes and brows with just a few swipes.

Longer Lashes WITHOUT Extensions

Roll RevitalEyezing, which acts as a lash and brow enhancing concentrate, over lashes both morning and night to help promote longer, stronger, conditioned lashes which ultimately help lengthen them over 4-8 weeks.

Bonus Pro Tip: Pea Peptide and sea kelp also volumizes them. Try getting your lashes tinted then you won’t need to swipe on mascara. Makes getting ready easy peasy.

Tame those Brows

Swipe over brows to help set them. Use a spoolie or just your finger to help guide them in place. The hydrogel will help hold them in place while pulling double duty to encourage growth to fill in sparse brows.

Feel free to roll on both AM and PM for better results.

Brighter, Smoother Under Eye

Luckily, RevitalEyezing isn’t just a lash and brow growth serum, she also works to depuff, smooth, brighten, and soften fine lines.

The probiotics, pea peptides, ginseng, cucumber, coffee extract, and plant oils in this formula help to keep your natural microbiome healthy, deeply hydrate, promote blood and lymphatic flow to brighten dark circles and reduce puffy eyes.

Both AM & PM, roll around eyes and under eyes (if you like, feel free to pat and smooth up to your temples).

Pro Tip: Pop her in the fridge for 10 minutes to allow the serum and the stainless steel applicator to get cool...soothing game changer.

BONUS FACIAL MASSAGE TUTORIAL- Don't forget to try this Facial + Eye Massage for an At Home Spa experience

Finally, the ONLY roll on eye serum that does it all! With just one swipe, RevitalEyezing depuffs, moisturizes, and brightens your undereye and improves the look of fine lines. PLUS, she conditions, strengthens, and encourages healthy brow and lash growth.

Do you love her? Leave a review here. Haven’t tried RevitalEyezing yet, check her out here.

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