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8 Skincare Tips To Save Your Skin During Fall/Winter

8 Skincare Tips To Save Your Skin During Fall/Winter

As we transition into the colder months, your skincare routine might look a bit different. Most of us associate the crisp air with all the cozy vibes but as soon as the temps drop, it cause dehydrated, dry, tight flaky skin. Ugh!

But I promise with a few adjustments to create the perfect fall/winter skincare routine you’ll be saying goodbye to irritated, chapped, dry skin and hello to a plump, moisturized glow!

So Why Does Cool Weather cause Skin Woes?

Does your skin feel suddenly tight, dry and look dull? Then, you most likely have dehydrated skin which can happen as the seasons change and even more so during the winter.

You might noticed as the temps drop, so does humidity, the air inside and outside becomes drier and zaps the moisture right out of your skin.  Leaving your skin parched, dehydrated, and thirsty. Ah! Since there is less moisture in the air, the environment basically sucks hydration right out of your skin! Greedy, I know. 

The key takeaway is to prevent transepidermal water loss and a compromised microbiome resulting in inflamed, dry irritated skin.

Just when we thought it was the most wonderful time of the year... So, how do you deal? Try these simple tips to increase skin hydration and keep it moisturized.

8 Tips to Keep your Skin Happy, Healthy, and Protected this Fall and Winter

Clean Slate Super Beauty Balm for Acne Prone Skin

1. Reach for a Nourishing Moisturizing Cleanser

If you haven't started now, please please please incorporate a cleansing balm like Clean Slate into your routine. Especially during the fall and winter when your skin is parched you want to stay away from harsh, sudsy cleansers that strip your skin. A creamy cleanser like Clean Slate won't strip your skin, leaving that tight and dry feeling. 

It cleanses without disrupting the acid mantle (a major cause of skin irritation). Plus the additional repairing fatty acids seal in moisture and strengthen your skin. 

2. Try Mixing Phyto Tonic, Glow Getter, and Clean Slate together to create a NEW custom moisturizer.

Watch how I do it here...


3. Try a humidifier in your bedroom.

The additional moisture in the air will help to replenish hydration and keep the environment from sucking it out of your skin. Win-Win!

4. Don't forget to Exfoliate!

Are you noticing your skincare routine just isn't working like it used to..have you tried exfoliating? If you're not sloughing away the build up of dead skin cells, the mists, serums, and moisturizers will basically sit on top of all those cells. Ugh, what a waste! The best way to make sure your skincare is actually absorbing into your skin, exfoliate weekly. You'll love Berry Bright, she's gentle, non abrasive, hydrating, brightening, and exfoliating all at the same time. Gotta love that. 

5. Add in more hydration

Your skin needs most hydration and moisture. Dehydrated and dry are actually 2 different things, one has to do with water in your skin and the other has to do with oil. So if you're skin is feeling tight, looking dull, noticing more fine lines or your skin feel greasy after putting on your serums/moisturizers, add more hydration. Misting your skin with a deeply hydrating toner like Phyto Tonic after cleansing will balance your skin's pH and help your serums and moisturizes to properly absorb into your skin. 

Pro Tip: Mist your skin then slather on Glow Getter while your skin is still damp. It's a game changer.

6. Use Less Actives.

Switch from skin drying Retinol to a more gentle alternative called Moth Bean. You'll find it in Glow Getter. This legume is known as a plant based alternative to retinol because it stimulates collagen production, encourages cellular renewal and repairs, softens fine lines and wrinkles, fights free radicals and acne without over drying the skin and none of the irritation. I'd call that one magical bean.

7. Slather on Clean Slate BEFORE your shower

Often times, the hot steamy shower causes more moisture loss by rinsing your natural occurring skin oils down the drain.  So, before you hope in the shower, massage a dollop of Clean Slate on to cleanse. But don't rinse off just yet. Enjoy your shower, allow the steam to melt the butters and oils into your skin. Right before you hop out, rub your hands over your face to wash it off.

Nourish Me Body Oil Me Time Botanicals softer smoother skin for dry skin


8. Add more rich moisture during and after a bath or shower.

Try Shaving with Nourish Me. Your legs will be so dang soft. Buh bye scaly dry legs. 

A body oil like Nourish Me can be helpful to replenish fatty acids stripped from your skin with harsh soaps. Just be sure to slather on while skin is slightly damp to seal in the moisture as you step out of the shower. 

Add a pump or 2 into your bath for an extra dose of moisturizing decadence.

Transition into Fall and Winter with this Perfect  Skincare Routine. 

AM Skincare Routine

1. Skip Cleaning in the AM. Rinse away the night with a cool wet cloth instead.

2. Liberally mist Phyto Tonic. Adding a few extra mists if your skin feels parched. 

3. Quickly slather on 2 pumps of Glow Getter while skin is still damp to lock in the hydration.

3. Mist with Phyto Tonic again. 

4. Apply a 1/4 pea size of melted Clean Slate to lock in even more hydration.


PM Skincare Routine

1. Cleanse with Clean Slate. Or Mix Clay Play and Clean Slate together for an all in 1 double cleansing routine. Remove with a warm wet cloth. Lightly pat your skin with a soft towel. Leaving it slightly damp.

Pro tip: Exfoliate 2 times weekly with Berry Bright to slough away dry dead skin cells after cleansing.

2. Liberally mist Phyto Tonic. Adding a few extra mists if your skin feels parched. 

3. Quickly slather on 2 pumps of Glow Getter while skin is still damp to lock in the hydration.

4. Mist with Phyto Tonic again. 

5. Apply a 1/2 pea size of melted Clean Slate to lock in even more hydration.

The double dose of Phyto Tonic allows Clean Slate to absorb more easily plus gives your skin a healthy drink of plant-based hydration. If you're spending lots of time outdoors in the cold, doubling up on a Phyto Tonic is important as locking it in with a Clean Slate.

Pro Tip: Mix Clean Slate, Glow Getter, and Phyto Tonic together before applying to skin and after you've liberally misted skin with Phyto Tonic. Here's the how to video.


Everything you need to nourish your skin this season is here. Finally say goodbye to dull tight dehydrated skin skin and hello to all the compliments on your plump glowing skin with these easy ways soothe dry dehydrated skin this fall/winter once and for all.


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