A Must Have Skincare Staple: Multi-tasking Super Balm

October 15, 2020

A Must Have Skincare Staple: Multi-tasking Super Balm

You know how there's always 1 skincare product that's a MUST HAVE!?! The one you're always reaching for out of all things in your skincare drawer. That one special skincare staple that keeps your skin healthy, plump, and glowy no matter what. I'm spilling one of my favorites da dat da dat...Clean Slate, the multi-tasking super balm!


All in one Multi-tasking cleansing balm, makeup remover, and moisturizing mask

A Multi-talented Must Have: A Super Balm!

This multi-tasking super balm really does it all. She cleanses, melts away makeup, removes sunscreen, works as a moisturizing mask to deeply nourish and soften skin.  AND when you glaze up with her before bed as an overnight moisturize or "sleeping mask", Clean Slate act as an occlusive, an protective barrier which prevents too much hydration/water from escaping, aka (TEWL).



So what else can Clean Slate do to keep your skin healthy?

1. Indulge in a facial massage by creating slip with Clean Slate. 

2. Mix a teeny bit of melted Clean Slate with mineral makeup to create a creamy blush, lip color, or bronzer for a dewy look.

3. Apply to a kitchen burn, sunburn, or if you burn yourself with your curling rod or flat iron.

4. Massage on to cuticles and hands for a deeply moisturizing hand cream.

5. Use on chapped lips or chapped skin.  


Non-Comedogenic Ingredient Spot Light

Clean Slate is packed with organic oils high in vitamin a and e, linoleic acid which balance oily, acne-prone skin yet moisturize dry skin alike and encourage cellular turnover. The punicic acid found in pomegranate oil is super restorative and has regenerative properties. Hello win-win!

I meticulous formulated Clean Slate to incorporate non-comedogenic organic mango butters and oils of grape seed, rosehip, blueberry, pomegranate and watermelon seed to create the perfect synergy because they don't aggravate sensitive, oily acne-prone skin but nourish dry skin too.  It's all about the balance for THE ultimate multi-tasker for healthy, glowing skin!

No wonder why I'm always reaching for Clean Slate over and over again.  You will too!


Shop now to simplify your skincare routine and find your multi-tasking favorites for healthy glowing skin.

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