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5 Skincare Products You DON'T Really Need

5 Skincare Products You DON'T Really Need

Doesn’t it seem like every single industry convinces you to buy a billizon products that you don’t actually need? The beauty segment is the worst offender. 

With all the marketing ads, new launches, influencers, and social media posts, it can be overwhelming and confusing to figure out exactly what skincare product is worth the hype or is a complete waste or if you really need it. Cluttering your vanity with so many different products that you’ll probably never end up using is a waste of your time and hard earned money. Save your money for that extra yummy coffee, that cute pair of shoes you’ve been eyeing, lunch with a friend, or a date with yourself.

Let’s cut through the clutter with a few must-haves along with skincare products you don’t really need in your skincare routine.

Makeup & facial wipes

It might be easy to use a makeup wipe to wash your face and remove makeup especially if you’re short on time. So what’s the problem with facial wipes? They’re oftentimes filled with harsh ingredients that disrupt the skin barrier and irritate your skin. On top of that, they don’t get anything out of your pores either. Which can leave them clogged. Hello breakouts. 

Try this instead - An oil cleanser not only melts away makeup, it dissolves excess sebum on the skin and in pores to reduce breakouts. Like attracts like, so an oil cleanser breaks up dirt and impurities that are trapped in the skin natural oils and lifts it away. The oil cleansing method although sounds counter productive, is the perfect way to gently but thoroughly cleanse your skin without disrupting your microbiome.

Me Time Botanicals Clean Slate Multitasking Super Beauty Balm (cleanser, makeup remover, and overnight moisturizer)

Actives like collagen in wash off products 

Actives in skin care make a huge difference in your skin but only if they stay on the skin for longer periods of time. Think serums, masks, facial mists, and sunscreen. But in cleansers, not so much. If you’re removing cleansers after a minute, does it really do anything? Honestly..nope. You’re basically paying for marketing then washing your money down the drain. 

Try this instead -  Look for brightening, calming, exfoliating, hydrating, skin softening ingredients in serums and moisturizers like Glow Getter,  Berry Bright, and Clean Slate that are packed with actives that stay on the skin to work their magic. Yes Clean Slate may be a cleanser but when you use her as an overnight moisturizer she pulls double duty.

Sheet masks

Single sheet masks might sound luxurious but honestly they’re pretty wasteful. One and done, then they’re tossed in the trash. Although, a sheet mask might be uber hydrating but do you know what those really are? Sheets of paper drenched in serum or hydrating ingredients. Sounds amazing right? It is! But you can get the same benefit from something you most likely already have.


Try this instead - You can get the same uber hydrating plumping benefit from a facial mist and serum you use every day. Better yet, lock in your hydration by glazing up like a donut with Clean Slate at night. Easy peasy, and nothing else to buy.

Me Time Botanicals Glow Getter Brightening Serum and Moisturizer

Undereye patches

They might look fun but are they worth the hype? In my opinion, they’re cousins to the sheet mask. Great in theory but when you have a depuffing eye serum that also hydrates and softens file lines you don’t need patches.

Try this instead - Roll on RevitalEyezing then press on a dab of Clean Slate to lock in the hydration. Aaah, brighter, smooth under eyes; no undereye patches needed.

Botox and fillers

Media is constantly telling us to dye our hair, lose weight, and look younger, nip and tuck. Don’t get me wrong, I fall for it too. Although I stopped dying my hair, I have body image issues and stare at the line in between my brows. But what if we change the narrative? Hey if you want botox and fillers, etc you do you. But don’t let social media and the comparison game make you feel like you need to be anything other than your magically beautiful self.

Try this instead - A facial massage is more than just a great way to de-stress and relax; it has a TON of skin benefits too! It's a great way to decrease muscle tension, boost circulation and blood flow, and soften expression lines. The best news is, it's really easy to perform a facial massage at home with your hands and your favorite balm.

Show your "imperfect" skin some love!

Say it with me: perfect skin doesn't exist. No matter how much or how little skincare products you might buy. Having a good skincare routine isn't about achieving perfection; it's about keeping your skin happy and healthy. So take some time every day to remind yourself of the things you LOVE about your skin without a billzon products cluttering your vanity. 

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