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Busting Face Cleaning Myths: How to Reduce puffiness, fines lines and breakouts

Busting Face Cleaning Myths: How to Reduce puffiness, fines lines and breakouts

It's not the sexiest topic but it's the most essential!

Cleansing is the MOST important step in your skincare routine. And I recommend our lymphatic cleansing method each time you cleanse your skin. It only takes a minute and makes a world of difference.

The two questions I get asked a lot is how do I cleanse my skin correctly? and how do I know if I'm cleansing wrong? It's simple really, don't over think it. And if your skin feels tight, dry, or literally squeaky clean after cleansing, there's a better way to wash your face.

Here's a step by step tutorial on how to do the lymphatic cleansing method. Get ready to depuff the face, reduce fine lines (without botox) and eliminate breakouts.

Watch this!


But please DO NOT fall for this skincare hype 

Marketing hype kills me and I hate for you to literally wash your hard earned money down the drain. Body cleansers the boast about collagen or retinols are a waste of money. They don't stay on your skin long enough to make a difference. 

Oils aren't the Bad Guy

If you used skincare in the 1980-90s and even in the early 2000s, we were all taught to STAY AWAY from oils. 🤦 Ugh, my skin wasn't so happy in the 80-2000s, probably because I was stripping my skin of oils and not replenishing it with nourishing skin balancing oils. 

This is the #1 mistake I see over and over again. Once you stop stripping you face with those sudsy cleansers, your skin will improve. And when you start using the oil cleansing method (which is basically cleansing with a skin balancing oil or balm) and using the RIGHT oils (not coconut oil), your skin will transform and feel/look softer, smoother, more plump.  That's where Clean Slate comes in.

Clean Slate lasts 3-4 months (pretty impressive way to save money and use less products, huh) when using as your PM cleanser and glazing up like a donut to lock in hydration and deeply moisturize at night. Not sure what glazing up like a donut the demo.

Demo of how to use Clean Slate + a few tricks


Curious about more ways to simplify your skincare routine? Here's a few more ways to save money on your skincare and use less products! Use a product that does MORE for you! What a concept. 

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Tina Blair

Love your products! Thank you for such a symple and effective way to take care of our skin.

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