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3 Ways to Erase Forehead Lines WITHOUT Botox

3 Ways to Erase Forehead Lines WITHOUT Botox

It seems that everyone has botox nowadays - freezing the face and leaving it literally void of expression. So, it's easy to understand why if you're not on the botox wagon you can be hard on yourself when staring in the mirror.  

I hate that filters, airbrushing, and botox has warped the view of what is considered real beauty. We're more self critical than ever - thanks social media and marketing *she says sarcastically*.

If forehead lines really bother you and you're ready to smooth and erase them without botox or less botox, I got you. It's actually easier than you think with just a bit of self awareness, a good skincare routine, and facial massage. Let's dive in to help lessen those lines.

Why Do Horizonal Forehead Lines Happen?

Those annoying horizontal lines across the forehead are caused by the frontalis muscle. This large muscle that goes across the entire forehead from your brows to your hairline contracts when you move your eyebrows pulling the skin. These are known as functional wrinkles. Coupled with the fact there's less subcutaneous tissue (aka fat underneath the skin), the movement in the skin causes more visible wrinkles and crease. UGH!

So basically, if you're super expressive with your face like I am when you're shocked, surprised, or concerned, lines happen. If anyone has ever told you they know what you're thinking without you saying a word and you don't have botox, then you probably have fine lines. AND THAT IS OK. Read that again!

Can You Erase Forehead Lines WITHOUT Botox? 

As you age, skin begins to lose firmness due to loss of collagen and elastin, fine lines appear do to repetitive motions. Luckily, we can minimize with 3 simple quick tricks you can do every day.

1. Tug on Your Hair for Sweet Bliss

Each time you give your hair a squeeze the nerves near the hair follicle release a feel good hormone. The gentle tug of hair a few times a day reduce stress and tension. Try this before and after you brush your hair, before you start your skincare routine, or throughout the day.

2. Facial Massage is Key

Ever notice when you're stressed, the tension in your forehead all the way up to your hairline is brutal? And as an automatic reflex, you rub your forehead and temples without even thinking about it. That frontalis muscle is contracting causing it to become tighter pulling on your delicate skin and it's begging for release!

Try this 15 second forehead massage 1-2x a day to relax the tension muscle to lessen the pull on the skin reducing forehead lines. I like doing this after applying Phyto Tonic and a mix of Glow Getter + Hydration Boost. 


3. Hello Plump Firm Glowing Skin

When your skin is glowing, every one notices (including you) how gorgeous your skin is, not the lines or wrinkles. But obviously, skincare does so much more than boost radiance, especially if you're using Me Time. *Wink!*

Each time you apply your skincare, remember to massage in upward outward motions. Don't just pat in your skincare. The skin and muscles like the massage. It stimulates blood flow which plumps the muscle reducing wrinkles. It also increases collagen synthesis. Win-Win!


Pro tip:  Your face starts at your boobs! Remember to start applying your skincare from your chest up if you want to keep your skin looking firm, plump, even and youthful.

Take it To the Next Level

Microcurrent/EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) is a non-invasive way to firm, tighten, and strengthen to lift muscles and skin.  And incorporate red light therapy to encourage collagen synthesis and cellular renewal to firm skin and reduce damage to soft fine lines. 

Here's an in depth step by step video on how to use microcurrent and red light therapy to firm, tighten, and renew your skin.

And get facials focusing on lympathic and lifting massage every 4-8 weeks to melt away tension and treat your skin. 

Botox is mainstream now but that doesn't mean you can't look incredible without it. Keep doing your facial massage (it doesn't need to be complicated) and slathering on your Me Time.  Get ready for your Glow Up!


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