The Truth about Skincare that will Blow Your Mind

March 22, 2020

The Truth about Skincare that will Blow Your Mind

Time for some truth bombs. Pour a cup of coffee, hot tea, wait who are we kidding, get a glass of wine and settle in for some inside knowledge.

With all the fake news, myths, and uncertainty surrounding skincare, how are you supposed to know what works and what is just fluff?  Let's cut through the nonsense and misinformation out there, shall we?!?!

Do Jade rollers and Gua Sha work?  - TRUTH

Facial massage is key to reducing stagnant lymph, inflammation, and stimulate circulation. Gua Sha and jade rollers are good tools to for at home facial massage. If you don't have these, no worries, just use your two hands to gently massage your face (wash those hands first though).

Do pores open and close? - BUST

Pores do not have muscles so they can NOT contract to open or close. Pore size is genetic. If you have oily skin, typically your pores are larger because your sebaceous glands are overactive producing excess sebum. Sebum is the waxy fatty secretions that help keep skin moisturized. If you have drier skin, typically, your pores are smaller due to less sebum production. To help minimize the look of pores, cleanse well & exfoliate 1-2 times a week to loosen dirty and excess sebum which can clog pores.   Use a clay mask 1-2 times weekly to help purify pores & remove excess oils.


Let clay mask completely dry - BUST

I see this too often. When you let masks completely dry out, they are no longer active. Masks made with plants and clay need to be hydrated to feed skin. Clays especially need moisture to continue to stimulate circulation and remove excess oils. Plant actives typically are water soluble meaning they need water to work. So once masks dry, they are done working.  Plus, when masks dry they typically are pulling too much moisture out of your skin disrupting the natural microbiome that protects your skin. Keep a mister bottle near by to keep your mask hydrated or continue to paint the mask mixture on for a long masking session.



Mask: A thicker layer the better - BUST

Masking is one of the best ways to transform your skin. Especially if you are using natural plants as our bodies know how to process those antioxidants best. However, marketing and the surge of selfies while masking has brainwashed you into believing you need this thick layer. WRONG!!!


Think of a mask like icing on a cake. That thick layer is just sitting on top of the cake not sinking into the cake. So, next time you mask (which should be 1-3 times a week) only apply a thin layer.  No more wasting precious product. Plus you save money because you aren't rushing to buy more.


Is natural skincare better for skin health? - TRUTH

In my opinion, yes, natural skincare is better for your skin health. Me Time Botanicals chooses to create skincare rituals to nourish and feed your skin plant oils, extracts, butters, and whole plants.  Your skin & body thrive naturally if you are feeding and treating it well. Synthetic skincare can strip down & damage your skin flora upsetting the balance your skin needs to keep healthy. Conventional skincare typically is not treating the root cause of inflammation, acne, aging, it just masks the symptoms.  Most people, just like you, find that when they ditch the synthetic and incorporating natural skincare rituals into their routine, skin thrives.  


Isn't busting myths and learning the REAL story so much better than all the fluff?!?  For more skincare tips, grab 15 Secrets to Glowing Skin.




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