Clay Play Cleansing Grain & Purifying Mask

"I can't stop reaching for this cleanser" - Erica

Clay Play leaves your skin softer, brighter, and cleansed without stripping. Hooray!

Her silky paste will surprise you when you trickle water into the perfectly pink powder. smooth it over your skin

Size: 4 oz - Clay Play will last 3-4 Months when using as daily cleanser and 2x Weekly Mask 

Add a little extra cuteness to your masking ritual with a handcrafted masking bowl & vegan and bamboo fan brush for only $17.

  • Gentle enough to use as a daily cleanser to remove impurities, unclog pores, sweat & excess oils. Great as a second cleanse after Clean Slate.

    Rosehip, hibiscus, and watermelon deliver vitamin C to fight free radicals, promote cellular turnover and collage production. detoxifies, and unclogs congested skin.

    Ginger, coconut milk, and oat anti-inflammatory properties calm irritated skin while gently exfoliating to soften skin.

    Doubles as your cleaner and purifying mask

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