5 Hot Tips (1 DON'T) for Healthy Summer Skin

May 25, 2021

5 Hot Tips (1 DON'T) for Healthy Summer Skin

The sun is shining, flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and after months of being blasted by your dry heater and harsh winter air, you are probably super ready to shed those sweaters and bust out the summer dresses and tank tops. But wait, your skin might not be ready!  Amiright?!

Don't worry, I've got you covered! You'll be rocking healthy glowy skin in no time with these 5 tips.

Let's get the most common mistake out of the way, it IS OK to be out in the sun for up to 15 minutes sans sunscreen to drink in vitamin D that your skin and body needs. However, make sure you are slathering on that SPF if you're going to be outside longer than 15 minutes.  Wear a floppy hat, a cover up, or a lightweight long sleeve shirt if you're not a fan of sunscreen. Ok?! Ok! :)

Now that we've gotten that outta the way, I'm ready to spill my

5 hot tips for healthy summer skin

1. Lighten Up with a Serum!  It's time to put away those thick heavy daily moisturizers and reach for a light-weight serum for the day (like Glow-Getter Radiant and Blemish Free Hydration Serum ) that's packed with hydrating and oil balancing ingredients that are high in linoleic acid such as rosehip seed and grapeseed. (more on why linoleic acid is so good for oily skin coming soon).  As the weather warms up, you sweat more so applying your favorite winter (heavier) moisturizers tends to clog pores causing breakouts. So, switching to a hydrating and light-weight moisturizing serum should give your skin enough moisture while actually nixing sweat clogged pores.

2. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink up, your skin will thank you! Drinking more water will not only hydrate you, it will keep your body cooler during the hotter weather, and help your organs function properly. Healthy from the inside out!

Hydrating skin with Facial Mist Me Time Botanicals Phyto Tonic

3. Mist Away! Speaking of hydration, your skin needs to be refreshed throughout the day. Sun overexposure strips hydration and moisture from the skin leaving it dull, tight, and parched. Misting your skin with a hydrating toner/tonic like Phyto Tonic will not only cool off and revive your parched skin, it will help maintain elasticity.  Plus it will feel so darn good, promise!


Me Time Botanicals Top 10 Secrets for Glowing Clear Skin

4. Level up your Vitamin C!  Watermelon and fresh veggies, we're looking at you!  Eating more watermelon, berries, fresh greens, peppers, and all those other fresh spring and summer veggies will feed your body and skin necessary Vitamin C and antioxidant rich phytonutrients. Antioxidants like Vitamin C are known to repair sun damaged skin by fighting free radicals, encouraging cellular turnover, and brightening/fading sun spots.  

It's the #1 vitamin your skin needs..here's why

5. Don't forget to cleanse! A nightly cleanse removes excess sweat, dirt, and sunscreeen that will clog your pores if you go to bed without washing. Make it a rituals to always do a 1 minute cleanse each night with an oil based cleanser to break down and remove the day (i.e. sunscreen, makeup, sweat). Follow up with a cleansing grain to gently exfoliate and lift away dead dull skin. 


ok..now that I've spilled 5 HOT tips..here's the #1 Don't

If you're using Retinol, do NOT use it during the day. Retinol is a sun sensitive ingredient. Using a product with Retinol already cause dry patchy skin and peeling. So imagine what it would do if you wore it in the sun. LOTS of redness and irritation.  

BUT I've got GOOOOOOD NEWS! Glow Getter Serum uses a plant based alternative to Retinol, called Moth Bean, that has all the benefits of retinol but none of the irritation or sun sensitivity. So you can SAFELY apply Glow Getter AM and PM to feed your skin antioxidants and rock a no makeup GLOW!

Me Time Botanicals Brightening and Hydrating Glow Duo


These simple swaps and changes will make a HUGE impact! Now you can spring (pun intended) into spectacular summer skin.  Glow on gorgeous mama, glow on!


Want to know how to build your perfect Skincare Routine? Here's how.

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