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4 Ways to Fight Frizz, Bedhead, and Lizard Skin like a Pro

4 Ways to Fight Frizz, Bedhead, and Lizard Skin like a Pro

When it comes to good hair and a soft smooth bod, you might think you either have it or you not. Lizard skin, bad hair days with tangled frizzy, split ends will a thing of the past. 

With these expert tips to fight frizz, bedhead, and dry itchy skin through the fall and into the holidays, you'll be tossing your hair and living in your best skin. *Hair flick!*

Prevent Frizzy Bedhead - Hello to Silky Shiny Hair

If you're like me, you hate waking up to frizzy, crazy bedhead, especially if you only wash your hair 2x a week. Experts agree that "silk can help improve the health of your hair by reducing tangles, breakage, and frizziness."

The moment your skin and hair touches a lux silk pillowcase- ours are 50% off right now, it's a match made in heaven if you long for silky, soft stronger hair, smoother softer skin, and no more pillow creases on your face. The best ours is washable on gentle (hang to dry for best results) and tumble on low for a few minutes with a wool dryer ball.

Stop (over)washing your hair!

Speaking of only washing hair only 2x a week. Our in house cosmetologist, Sarah, swears that a healthy scalp = healthy hair. She says "over washing hair strips the scalp causing dry itchy scalp, more dandruff, and dull hair in the long run." 

So what's the best approach? Use a little dry shampoo around your hairline and massage into scalp to help absorb excess oils without stripping your scalp & hair. And only wash your hair 2x a week if you're looking to fight frizz and have all the good hair days. That's where Save the Do comes to the rescue!

Don't be scared of oil!

So how can you protect your hair to prevent split ends, tangles, and frizz and boost shine? A hair treatment  and less heat! Either the night before a wash day or if you have 15-20 minutes before you wash, massage Nourish Me into the scalp, and use a wide tooth comb to distribute the hair mask from scalp to ends. Stylists say, hair and scalp oil treatments, revive hair and balance an oily scalp. Just make sure you double shampoo the scalp if you're hair is thin or fine after using a hair treatment.

Bonus tip:  Slather Nourish Me all over body after your shower when your skin is slightly damp to soften and deeply moisturize skin. You can even use a teeny bit to smooth away flyaways, frizz, and seal ends. Less is more here!  


Ta Ta Tangles, Tossing and Turning

Tossing and turning creates more friction causing tangles and bedhead. So make sure you have a good pre sleep routine to help you rest easy. If you're like me, you might struggle with sleep, hot flashes or restless legs, (especially during perimenopause / menopause / pregnancy) searching for the cool side of the pillow.

You'll definitely want a silk pillowcase and to slather on Melt, our magnesium body cream every night before bed. The best part, you'll sleep better and wake up with smooth, less creepey skin!

Life it too short to spend fighting bad hair days and night of starring at the clock. Here's to silky shiny hair and the best sleep ever!

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