Save the 'Do Dry Shampoo and DIY Hair Mask

Finally, there's an organic natural dry shampoo that blends effortlessly for all beautiful blondes, firery gorgeous red heads, and sultry brunettes and dark goddess alike.  Perfect for all hair types and nourishes the scalp, absorbs excess oil, boosts volume, adds texture and body, and extended your hair style between washing. 

Of course, Save the 'Do is multitasking can be used to soothe skin and absorb excess moisture on the body (no more thigh chaffing when exercising), under the arm pits, tushies, and even can be used as a makeup setter. 

Scoop up the bamboo vegan mini kabuki brush for an easy targeted application to reduce the mess.

Packaged in 100% compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging, HOORAY!

  • 70% organic and a 100% natural
  • Organic Rice flour and cacao extract promotes hair growth and are rich in antioxidants to support a healthy scalp
  • Gentle kaolin clay also stimulates the scalp, strengthens the root, and calms inflammation without causing dry itchy scalp
  • Organic Arrowroot quickly refreshes and absorbs excess oils
  • No white cast or residue and talc free
  • Try in a DIY Hair Mask to gently exfoliate, lift excess oils, and strengthen the scalp 

INGREDIENTS: *Arrowroot powder, *Cacao Extract, Kaolin Clay,*Rice Flour

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