Save the 'Do Dry Shampoo & Body Powder

"I've tried my fair share of clean dry shampoos. This is by far the BEST!" - Natalie

Finally, there's a finely-milled natural dry shampoo that blends effortlessly into all hair colors without leaving a white cast or a residue. She can even be used to absorb body moisture and prevent chafing under arms, between thighs. Bonus: Try her as a mineral veil or finishing powder on your face to blur pores & reduce shininess

Washing your hair, drying, and styling can be damaging, exhausting, and time consuming. Simplify your haircare routine with Save the 'Do to absorb excess oil, boost volume, add texture and body plus extend your hair style between washing.

Packaged in 100% compostable, recyclable, and biodegradable packaging, HOORAY! Don't forget to grab the bamboo vegan kabuki brush to make application a breeze.

Size: 4 oz - Save the 'Do will last 5+ Months when using 2-3 times weekly.

Video: #1 game changer for your hair

  • Organic Arrowroot and Kaolin Clay extend the life of your hairstyle, absorb oils, and doesn't leave your scalp itchy.

    Organic Rice flour and cacao extract promote hair growth, strengthen the hair follicle and are rich in antioxidants to support a healthy scalp.

    Perfect for all hair types and colors.

    Bonus: Save the 'Do is multitasking! Can be used to absorb excess moisture on the body (no more thigh chaffing when exercising), under the arm pits as a deodorant, on tushies, and even can be used as a makeup setter.

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