Me Time's Holistic Esthetician Busts the Biggest Skincare Myth and Spills All

June 21, 2022

Me Time's Holistic Esthetician Busts the Biggest Skincare Myth and Spills All

Me Time Botanicals is growing - YAY, all thanks to you!

That means so many new things are coming. I literally can’t wait for you to see. 
But first, welcome to our Me Time Team, Anne Lauren, our Holistic Esthetician dedicated to be your Skincare Therapist and Educator. I’ve brought her on to teach you even more skin tricks and tips. 

I sat down with Anne Lauren to chat about why she’s thrilled to join us on this incredible skincare journey. 

Welcome Anne Lauren

Why Me Time?

As a single mom, time is always of the essence, I adore the multitasking properties that Me Time Botanicals offers. And it’s even better that all of these products are accessible and simple to use.


My 3 Holy Grails

RevitalEyezing - I've always been vulnerable with the creepiness under of my eyes. The caffeine instantly brightens and tightens them. And the peptides and plant extracts grow my lashes and brows. Plus that cold roller ball is so refreshing.


Berry Bright - I love Berry Bright because it can be used as an exfoliant and a mask. The high antioxidants content keeps my oily skin balanced and complexion bright and hydrated. Perfect multitasker as I’m a single mom. 


AL'S Pro Tip: When using as an exfoliant and mask, massage in circular motions up the face (to train muscle to lift) then allow Berry Bright to linger on your skin to nourish.


Nourish Me - She's my go to all over hair and body oil. She smells lovely. My long hair loves it as a 1x weekly treatment. She’s keeps my skin silky soft. And living in Charleston, I love that the formula is lightweight.


Exciting things are coming

I love beginnings. They're raw and the core of what an original thought and actions are capable of. It's very exciting to be included in the growth of Me Time Botanicals and to work alongside a team of women who I call friends that share the mindset of clean beauty. 

I'm also truly excited to be creating spa protocols and skincare tutorials for our customers and spa partners. 

Biggest Skincare Myth Busted

Myth: For high performing skincare products to work they should be expensive.

Truth: Skincare doesn't need to be expensive to be high performing or to provide results.  But the routine is key in maintaining a healthy glow. Me Time offers the best of both worlds...effective clean beauty products at an approachable price that are multitaskers.  Win-Win!


Hobbies that Keep Me Happy

I love live music. It fills my soul. And camping and hiking in the mountains with my son, Jackson and my Silkie Terrier, Flynn, brings me so much joy.


And what boosts your confidence?

I've struggled with hormonal acne my entire life. So maintaining a beauty ritual allows me to stay grounded and connected to myself. Through those rituals seeing the benefits of these products reflected in my skin health (clearing my skin) boosts my confidence.


A girl on a mission

My passion for inspiring and educating other to cultivate and elevate a holistic beauty ritual through every stage of the skins journey, as genuine and wholehearted. My biggest dream became my mission. I’m excited to continue on my path as a clean beauty entrepreneur and create boutique wellness experiences for my community.  Fueled with a passion for holistic integrative wellness, I'm thrilled to bring you over a decade of aesthetic training while incorporating Me Time multitasking products.

See, Anne Lauren is a badass. That's exactly why I brought her to Me Time. Good things are coming. 


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