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How to Firm & Smooth Neck & Check w/o Botox

How to Firm & Smooth Neck & Check w/o Botox

Ever notice your neck and chest age more quickly than the rest of the face? With all the specialized products for necks, ever wonder if neck creams really work? The answer, neck creams are not that different from the skincare you're probably using on your face.

Being a cosmetic skincare formulator, I know the ingredients found in neck creams are typically the same ingredients also in facial serums & moisturizers. Those same ingredients plump the skin, stimulate collagen, help to moisturize and firm the skin if formulated with high performance skincare ingredients at and therapeutic concentrations (like we do at Me Time Botanicals). 

So do you really need a specific cream for your neck? Nope. It's all about marketing, honestly. But you do need to care for your neck and chest the same way you do for your face if you want to keep your skin looking firm, plump, and youthful.

Why Does My Neck Have Lines?

The delicate skin on your neck and chest experience UV damage, internal and external stressors but are often neglected.  As you age, skin begins to lose firmness and sags due to loss of collagen production and elastin, fine lines appear do to repetitive motions or the but we can help minimize saggy, crepey skin

And with everyone always on their phones, the neck is prone is horizonal lines due to skin folding. Are you looking down at your phone right now? See, this is what I'm talking about. If so, bring the phone to eye level or elevate the device so you're looking straight ahead without creating skin folds.


How To Reduce Horizontal Lines On Neck the Holistic Way

5 Ways to Firm & Smooth Neck and Chest without Botox, skin fillers, or wasting your money on a neck cream (that you really don't need).


1. Apply skincare to your neck & chest up towards your face every single day

2. Massage chest and neck along with your face in upward outward motions as you slather on your serum & moisturizers. Don't just pat in your skincare.

3. Do neck and tongue stretches to release tension in muscles.


4. Use Microcurrent/EMS (electrical muscle stimulation) a few times a week to as a non-invasive way to firm, tighten, and strengthen to lift muscles and skin. 

5. Incorporate red light therapy to encourage collagen synthesis and cellular renewal to firm skin and reduce damage to soft fine lines.

Here's an in depth step by step video on how to use microcurrent and red light therapy to firm, tighten, and renew your skin.



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