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End of Hot Girl Summer: 5 Tips to Repair Post Summer Skin

End of Hot Girl Summer: 5 Tips to Repair Post Summer Skin

As the scorching days of your hot girl summer slowly come to a close, your skin might be in need of some extra TLC from the heat, humidity, and adventure.
Fear not, I’ve broken down all the products your skin will need in order to recover. It’s time for what I like to call “hot girl refresh”.

Why does your skin need a post-sun pick-me-up?

Do you ever wonder why your skin feels dry, flakey, tight or even rubbery after a day in the sun? Well, UV rays can actually damage our skin cell’s DNA and the sun dehydrates your body and skin.

Now, don’t get me wrong, the sun is also a great source of many health benefits including mental health, balancing your circadian rhythm, and stimulating your body’s Vitamin D process. The sun isn’t something to be feared in moderation. And with this after-sun care routine your dehydrated skin will be restored and soothed. 


3 Must Haves for Your Hot Girl Skin Refresh

Repair Sun Damage with a Restorative Mask

The #1 must have is Berry Bright Polishing & Brightening Honey Enzyme Mask. Berry Bright does so many things on its own. It is a gentle exfoliator, a brightening antioxidant-rich mask, and a humectant (brings hydration to the top layer of skin). Think of it as a berry smoothie to restore skin back to its youthful bouncy self.

Why? All due to anthocyanins, vitamin c, beta & alpha-carotene, and resveratrol found in the trio of organically grown berries - blueberry, cranberry, and aronia berry - that have been clinically researched to repair sun damage, smooth skin, lessen appearance of fine lines, improve elasticity, calm redness, brighten and even complexion. But why stop there! Raw local honey produced right here in Charleston by a women beekeeper boosts this mask with anti-inflammatory powers reduce breakouts and eczema. 

Mature Skin Masking Pro Tip: While Berry Bright is fantastic on its own, there are a few ways to elevate the mask. Mix Berry Bright and Clean Slate, our multitasking beauty balm, together for a super moisturizing, creamy mask. If you want to elevate it a touch more, add a few pumps of our provitamin B5 restorative serum, Hydration Boost for the ultimate plumping firming mask.

Acne Prone Masking Pro Tip: You’ll love mixing Berry Bright, Clay Play, and Hydration Boost. These three together will help calm acne, reduce irritation and redness. 

Brighten and Quench Thirsty Skin 

Glow Getter is perfect for protecting and repairing the skin (before, during, and after a day in the sun). Anytime you’re wanting the lit from within dewy, plump youthful skin, it’s only a pump away. She is our most popular product for a reason. Licorice, bearberry, and kakadu plum - all rich in vitamin c - synergistically work together to repair cellular damage and neutralize free radicals that cause photoaging.

You’ve heard Retinol is a no no during the day and can often irritate skin, right? Let me introduce you to Moth Bean, a plant based alternative to Retinol. When used at clinical levels - as it is in Glow Getter - you’ll reap the same benefits of Retinol without sun sensitivity, peeling, drying, or irritation. The best part? Your skin will be protected and repairing itself day and night with the combo of Moth Bean and Vitamin C.

Skin Cocktail Pro Tip:  Slather on a pump or 2 of Glow Getter mixed with a pump or 2 of Hydration Boost for the ultimate serum + moisturizer while skin is damp with Phyto Tonic. The combo of these together are a must to brighten, even, firm the skin, repair & protect as well as help to clear any breakouts. 

Bye Parched Body 

Nourish Me to the rescue as she drenches your body with intense moisture making it perfect for dry crepey, parched skin. The moment she kisses your skin, this luxurious moisturizing oil will be your new favorite body product. 

To keep your skin from feeling irritated, super dry, especially after a day in the sun, apply several pumps of this moisturizing oil right after a shower while skin is still damp.  It’s the pro technique to lock in hydration and aid in absorption. 

Hello Smooth Soft Hair  

Don’t put up Nourish Me just yet. After splashing around in lakes, rivers, ocean, pool, and hot tubs, Nourish Me will be there to save your scalp and hair from feeling dry and looking like lifeless.

Apply Nourish Me to your hair (root to tip) and massage into the scalp to help blood flow and growth. Leave on for 15 minutes or overnight for maximum benefits. Wash out and style as normal. Healthy Scalp = Healthy Hair! 

So girlfriend, after a long, hot summer I recommend incorporating these three products - Berry Bright, Glow Getter, Nourish Me - into your post-summer routine to restore your skin’s natural radiance and keep it healthy and glowing all year round.

Remember, you only have 1 body so treat it well!

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