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Best Skincare Routine to Reduce Redness and Calm Rosacea

Best Skincare Routine to Reduce Redness and Calm Rosacea

Obviously, everyone's skin is different with various concerns from reducing oily skin and breakouts, calming redness, to soothing sensitive and dry skin. But the one thing we all have in common is we want skincare to actually work and be easy to use. Can I get an AMEN?!

So let me introduce Kaitlyn. She struggled with finding skincare that didn’t aggravate her rosacea and soothed her super dry sensitive skin. I’m excited to share her glow-to (see what I did there) skincare routine that helps manage her rosacea and keeps her skin happy and glowing.

Meet Kaitlyn

 Glow Getter Girl with beautiful skin Me Time Botanicals

What are your skin concerns and struggles?

I have trouble with rosacea, severe dryness, patchy texture, and redness. Staying consistent with my skincare routine has always been a struggle so I’m trying to be because I’m seeing some amazing results. I also notice when I slack on my Me Time routine, my skin texture starts coming back almost immediately. 

What are your Me Time must haves?

Hands down Phyto Tonic, Glow Getter, and Clean Slate. Clean Slate definitely is helpful at calming and soothing my skin. This stuff is magic because it takes off my makeup, cleanses my face, and keeps my skin hydrated overnight.

I’m obsessed with RevitalEyezing lately too. My lashes are so long and thick now. Before when I wore mascara, it took a lot more coats and always looked clumpy. Now when I put on mascara, it’s like BAM! And she de-puffs my under eyes overnight and helps with dark circles like a miracle worker.

Me Time Botanicals RevitalEyezing reduce dark circles puffy eyes lash and brow serum

Mind sharing your skincare routine with us?

AM Routine: Wipe my face with a cold cloth. Then comes Phyto Tonic, Glow Getter, and RevitalEyezing. 

PM Routine: Remove my makeup with Clean Slate. Then do a second cleanse.  Next is Phyto Tonic, Glow Getter, RevitalEyezing, and glaze up with Clean Slate as a hydrating lip mask and sleeping face mask.

How often do you exfoliate?

I typically couldn’t exfoliate because of my rosacea but surprisingly Berry Bright calms my skin. I shoot for mixing Clean Slate with Berry Bright to make a mask 1-2 times weekly. I love this combo because it keeps my skin balanced, soothed and soft!  It’s a great way to self-care while I sip my tea or drink a smoothie.

Girl masking with Berry Bright Enzyme Mask by Me Time Botanicals

Could you share how your skin has transformed since starting your journey with Me Time Botanicals skincare?

My skin is now plump and hydrated with a natural glow. Patchy texture is gone, and as long as I’m consistent with my routine, my skin isn’t dry either! My redness is very minimal except when I have a rosacea flare, and then I just hit it with some extra Glow Getter and it lasts a much shorter time.

Before and After using Me Time Botanicals to calm redness and even skin tone

Anything else you would like to share or recommend?

10/10 recommend a full face routine from Me Time if you struggle with rosacea and the symptoms that result from it! Thank you so much for letting me share because I would be seriously lost without my skincare routine. My skin is the happiest it’s ever been all thanks to you, Kara! I seriously adore your line and just everything your brand is about. I love Me Time Botanicals.

Woman with beautiful skin Calm redness soothe dry skin Me Time Botanicals


So the main takeaway here is consistency to keep your skin healthy, happy, and glowing. It doesn’t take a complicated, 10 step skincare routine. Less is more especially if you struggle with rosacea or reactive skin. It's much easier than you think to build you perfect skincare routine.  And once you find what works best for your skin...stick with it.

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