5 Simple Ways to Stop Sore Chapped Lips for Good

October 27, 2020

5 Simple Ways to Stop Sore Chapped Lips for Good

Tis the season for dry, flaky, chapped lips. They’re absolutely no fun and super uncomfortable, and spoiler alert, licking them makes them worse. UGH!

There are so many reasons why your lips tend to peel, flake, and feel like the Sahara desert. For one, they don’t have sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands, aka oil glands, produce sebum to moisturize the skin. Since our lips don’t have them, it’s no wonder why our lips need extra moisture because it’s lacking a protective barrier

And two, the stratum corneum, the top layer of your epidermis is thinner (lips only have 3-5 cellular layers of the SC vs up to 16 on the rest of your body) and is more delicate on the lips. 

So yeah, caring for your lips on a daily basis is top priority if you want a healthy, soft, kissable pout. Dry, cracked lips don’t have to be the norm, I’m spilling some tricks to relieve the flaking and soothe those dry, chapped lips.

Avoid Licking Them

It's a vicious cycle, you lick them because they feel dry, which causes them to become drier, so you lick again..the cycle continues 🙄. Sadly, licking your lips might feel comforting and hydrating for a moment but once the saliva evaporates, it leaves your lips even more dry, making the issue even worse. 

Did you know that our mouths contain digestive enzymes that help to break down food? So think about what those very enzymes are doing to your lips. Literally breaking down the tissues, damaging them further. Yikes, so please don’t do that!

If you’re an avid lip licker, try to break the habit, apply a lip balm which creates a barrier and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. If it’s a nervous habit, identifying the cause of half the battle. 

Irritated lips? Ditch the spicy & salty foods

Have you noticed that when you eat spicy or super salty foods, your lips burn a bit? Feeling the burn isn't a good thing. It’s actually irritating your lips even more. So if your lips are already chapped, dry, skip these until they’re in better condition. OOOOR, if you can’t resist, slather on a lip balm before indulging. The extra layer will help prevent the spicy from irritating them as much. Now, where’s that big bowl of salty popcorn. 

No Picking..Exfoliate instead

For the love of all things holy, DON”T pick the peeling skin off of your lips. Let me say that again...  DON’T. PICK. YOUR. LIPS. If you have flaky, peeling lips, reach for a gentle exfoliator to slough away dead skin instead.  Exfoliating your lips 1-2 times weekly helps smooth, soften and allows your lip balms to penetrate.  When searching for a lip polish, look for ones that have sugar, a natural humectant which draws in moisture for an added bonus. Just remember to follow up with a lip balm to moisturize and protect. 

Pro Tip: Gentle is always important when exfoliating and using light pressure with circular motions.

Slather on a Lip Balm

A staple that’s anything but basic. The holy grail lip balm is one that is creamy, nourishing and not waxy but creates a lip softening and soothing barrier.  Look for emollient rich ingredients like coconut oil, plant butters, and waxes for an extra boost of nourishment. And if I’m being really honest, stay clear of those that list “fragrance” on the ingredients label and those medicated lip balm which can irritate lips even further.

Keeping one on hand and applying when you’re outside keeps your lips protected from the elements, cold dry air and the sun.  

The Love your lips Set is a great way to exfoliate and protect because you can throw a lip balm in your hand bag, pocket, nightstand, or have an extra because for some reason they’re always running away with those hair elastics.

If you aren't applying extra lip balm before bed, you're doing it wrong. It creates a barrier so you can wake up to soft, repaired plump lips. 

PRO TIP: Apply a teeny bit of melted Clean Slate onto lips. Let it absorb then apply your lip balm on top for an extra dose to moisture.

Protect your lips

Lastly, UV damage is one of the culprits of dry chapped irritated lips. If you’re out in the sun a lot, put on a lip balm then dab a bit of sunscreen over it to protect from the sun. Easy peasy. Your lips will thank you!

Antioxidants in your skincare routine like vitamin E also help to protect your skin and lips from free radical damage.

Armed with these tips, you’ll transform your dry, uncomfortable lips into happy, healthy, and soft lips in no time.  Sorry, I gotta go exfoliate. You should too.. give your lips some extra love with the Love your Lips Set.

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