NEW The Everything Device (Microcurrent & Light Therapy)

 "I'm shocked I see such a difference." - Karen

Receive a FREE bottle of Hydration Boost, our plumping, firming, and brightening Microcurrent Conductivity Activator that you'll need with the device. Comes in a creamy hydrating gel that you can mix with Glow Getter too. $38 value my gift to you with your purchase of The Everything Device.

Level up your skincare routine with our 7-in-1 FDA cleared (esthetician approved) microcurrent, cooling cryotherapy, & 3 different therapeutic lights (red, blue, and green) that delivers amazing results for ALL skin types and concerns. 


*Microcurrent/EMS: Visibly sculpts, firms, tightens, lifts, & contours facial muscles. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

*Acupressure/Vibration: Infuses serums deeply into skin. Melts tension,

*Red light therapy: repairs skin, boosts collagen & improves elasticity reducing wrinkles

*Blue light therapy: reduces breakouts, kills acne causing bacteria, calms redness & inflammation 

*Green light therapy: Fades hyperpigmentation & scarring. Evens + brightens complexion 

*Cryotherapy: Depuffs, soothes, calms irritation, redness and reduces inflammation

*Cleansing: Positive ion technology loosens & lifts impurities deep within skin.

and more for a YOUthful appearance.


Fine lines, wrinkles, sagging, less firm skin? You'll love the lifting elasticity boosting smoothing microcurrent & cellular renewal red light 

Dry dull skin? You'll love the rejuvenating, collagen stimulating red light therapy and pulse mode to push hydration deep within the skin 

Hyperpigmentation? You'll love the brightening and skin evening green light therapy

Break outs, clogged pores, & acne? You'll love the positive ion deep cleansing effects of clean mode & acne causing bacteria killing power of blue light therapy

Oily skin? You'll love the sebum balancing effects of blue light

Redness, rosacea,  & irritated skin? You'll love the soothing cooling mode and redness reducing green light

The best part? You can mix and match different modes with each light therapy to tailor to exactly what your skin is craving!

Why The Everything Device is LITERALLY BETTER than all the other devices on the market. Hands down!

If you've been looking for a device like this, some skin tools/devices have light therapy, some have microcurrent, some cooling..but not EVERY feature like this ultimate PROFRESSIONAL device. 

The crazy thing, other devices with light therapy are over $300. Cooling wands are $100. Microcurrent devices are $150-300. There's nothing on the market with all of these functions until now.

Introducing..The Everything Device designed just for you so you don't waste your hard earned money on multiple devices to truly deliver results you want. 


*Acne prone skin will love how she clears up skin and fade post breakout scaring.

*Mature skin will love the renewed, lifted appearance. No botox needed!
*Sensitive skin will love the soothing cold therapy treatment and the adjustable intensity that most devices don't have.

*Literally everyone who craves an elevated spa results without actually going to the spa needs this! 

The Everything Device can be used on those with rosacea, acne and broken capillaries. The intensity can be lowered to avoid sensitivity.  Can be used with dental, metal, cheek or chin implants as microcurrent is lower voltage. 

May still use Clean, Cool, LED Light Modes as those aren't active microcurrent.

Microcurrent contraindications - pacemakers, seizures, active cancer, heart conditions, & pregnancy. Botox and Filler (use after 2 weeks, will prolong time between injectables). Consult your physician as always to be safe.

Me Time Botanicals The Everything Device (Microcurrent & Light Therapy)

Video:Pro Tips on using The Everything Device

  • Includes

    *7-in-1 The Everything Device

    *1 oz bottle of Hydration Boost, our microcurrent activator, to speed up the brightening, plumping, firming, skin strengthening effects with Pro Vitamin B5, and niacinamide rich fermented yeast extract, plus cooling calming cucumber to draw the microcurrent to your facial muscle

    *Base *Charging cords.

    *Step by Step instructions

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