Clay Play - Cleansing Grain & Purifying Mask

Clay Play gently polishes, purifies, and cleanses while leaving your skin soft, brighter, and soothed without over-drying. The silky and gentle blend of skin-softening clays and soothing organic botanicals of ginger, rosehip, coconut milk, oat, and watermelon are perfect match for all skin types even those with sensitive, oily, dry, combination, blemished or aging skin. Our delicate powdered ritual allows you to mix in water or your favorite activator right before cleansing or masking.


Clay Play Gentle Cleansing Grain & Purifying Mask - 4 oz


Add a little extra cuteness to your masking ritual with a handcrafted masking bowl & vegan and bamboo fan brush for only $15.

  • Ingredients: White Kaolin clay, French Pink Clay, Coconut Milk, Oat, Watermelon Extract, Organic Ginger, Organic Rosehip Powder

    4 oz in a Glass Bottle

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