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4 Tips to Fight Acne and Dehydrated Skin during the Winter

4 Tips to Fight Acne and Dehydrated Skin during the Winter

While the winter and holiday season may look a bit different this year, there’s one thing that this season will always bring with troubles. While most of us associate winter with dehydrated, dry, tight flaky skin, there’s another sneaky issues that comes with it, too: acne. 😱 I know, it’s not the nicest gift Mother Nature brings with her, but I promise you that with a few adjustments you’ll be saying goodbye to irritated skin in the winter and hello to plump, moisturized, clear skin!

So...Why Does the Winter Cause Acne? 

If you’re confused about how winter weather causes acne, let me loop you in! Your skin naturally produces a waxy oil called sebum which keeps your skin moisturized.  Sounds great, right? The thing is, in the winter, your skin ramps up sebum production to replenish itself from the dry winter air (thanks heaters).

Sometimes the overproduction of sebum leads to clogged pores. Then these clogged pores lead to...drum roll, please...breakouts! Ah!

In fact, one study conducted in 2015 found that acne breakouts fell in the fall among participants only to rise by 11% come winter! 

But...That’s not all. Cold winter weather can lead to a compromised microbiome, irritated dehydrated skin, leading to inflammation and tight skin. Why? It's a shock to your system and this can lead to an inflammatory response that is, eh, not very nice to your skin! By now we all know what inflammation can do to our radiant complexions--cause unwanted acne.

How to Heal Acne during the Winter? Tell Me Things! 

Thought I’d leave you hanging? No way, I have your back! Yes, the idea of the winter causing dehydrated irritated skin and breakouts is bleak, but I've got a few simple natural ways to fight breakouts and preventing dull skin. Woo! 🥳

Wash Your Hands!

First things first, wash your hands. Washing your hands seems obvious (especially now!) but sometimes it's easy to forget before starting your skincare routine. Before you start cleansing your skin, make sure your hands are free of a-hem, dirt, and grime before touching your face. You definitely don't want to transfer all that dirt onto your face. Yikes! So be sure to cleanse more than your face before you start your skincare routine.

Clean Slate Super Beauty Balm for Acne Prone Skin

Embrace the Oil Cleansing Method!

If you haven't started now, please please incorporate a cleansing balm like Clean Slate into your routine. It's the best things for all skin types, yes even acne prone skin. There’s a common misconception that treating acne-prone skin with oil is a no-go, but I’m here to tell you, this is false! must look for the RIGHT oils for acne prone skin, those high in linoleic acid like grape seed and rosehip seed. Acne prone skin is lacking in this specific fatty acid. So by adding oils like these into your skincare routine, you're balancing your skin by delivering it exactly what it's craving. 


Back to cleansing with oils..the reason is like attracts like, and cleansing with oil helps to remove excess sebum, pollutants, while simultaneously clearing out clogged pores. 

This is exactly why I developed Clean Slate. It's cleanses without stripping the skin or disrupting the acid mantle (a major cause of breakouts.) Plus it delivers a healthy dose of fatty acids and lipids to strengthen your skin.


Your skin is ACTUALLY Dehydrated.

The key to preventing breakouts and locking in moisture is to reduce transepidermal water loss by incorporating a moisturizing and hydrating serum that targets acne. Avoid drying out your skin with those acne treatments, you know that ones..because all that does is creates a viscous cycle of drying out skin, overproducing sebum, clogging pores, and the cycle starts again. UGH..

The whole point of a moisturizer is to lock in hydration which is crucial during the winter months. Think about going from blistery cold to dry hot indoor zaps the hydration right out of your skin. The more this happens, the more your microbiome becomes compromised which leads to more dehydrated skin leads to irritated skin,  then inflammation to breakouts. No one wants that.

Phyto Tonic and Glow-getter dry skin hydration acne prone skin serum hydrating toner

Does your skin feel suddenly tight, looks dull, and feel "dry" just during the winter? Then, you mostly like have dehydrated skin which can happen during the winter and any season change.  Since there is less moisture in the air, the environment basically sucks hydration right out of your skin! Greedy, I know.  So delivering higher levels of hydration and locking it in, is gold.


Enter the Glow Duo Phyto Tonic and Glow-Getter Dual Phase Hydration Serum.  Phyto Tonic and Glow-getter are both packed with all-natural water soluble extracts and hydrosols as main ingredients like shiitake mushroom, licorice, cucumber, Kakadu plum, hibiscus to deliver epic hydration while preventing breakouts. The best part is the plant based alternative to retinol, Moth Bean that fights free radicals and acne without over drying the skin and none of the irritation. The magic lies in the dual phase as Glow-getter also acts as a moisturizer to lock in the hydration. WIN-WIN! 


multi-tasking skincare by Me Time Botanicals for acne prone skin

If you're needing an extra dose of hydration, make sure you're locking it in with this easy am and pm routine.

1. After cleansing, mist Phyto Tonic.

2. Apply Glow-getter , allow to absorb slightly.

3. Mist with Phyto Tonic again

4. Apply a 1/4 pea size of melted Clean Slate to lock in even more hydration.

The double dose of Phyto Tonic allows Clean Slate to absorb more easily plus gives your skin a healthy drink of plant-based hydration. If you're spending lots of time outdoors in the cold, doubling up on a hydrating toner and serum is important as locking it in with a light balm.

Stress Less, Carve out “Me Time” More! 

While the weather outside is frightful, the stress of the holidays can be, too. And let me tell you, stress is the last thing you want when trying to keep acne away! 

Stress affects us on a cellular level, leading to poor gut health, decreasing immunity, and causing a hormone imbalance..all which tend to cause more breakouts.  So get ready to woosaaah, my favorite holistic way to fight breakouts is carving out Me Time. 

Stress can raise cortisol levels, which in turn tells your body to produce more sebum. As we learned earlier, mo’ sebum, mo’ problems. 

My best advice is during times of stress you find 5 minutes to practice breathwork or tune into a calming meditation. Both activities are associated with lowering stress levels and hey, they feel great to do too! Self-care isn't selfish, trust me, your skin will thank you. 


Finally say goodbye to dull tight dehydrated skin skin and hello to no more breakouts with these natural ways to fight acne and dehydrated skin this winter once and for all. Still struggling with how to tell if your skin need more hydration or this for an easy way to tell. 


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