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3 Ingredients (1 Don't) To Keep Skin Firm & Plump

3 Ingredients (1 Don't) To Keep Skin Firm & Plump

I bet you're thinking if one more person tells me to drink water.. 

Well I won't tell you in this blog to drink water for skin hydration.  Although it's super important for your body. 

But actually, all that water you're drinking never ever makes it to your skin. 

So you must use facial mists and watery serums to quench thirsty skin cells, then seal it all in with occlusive facial oils.

Think about a raisin, it's wrinkly and shriveled. Now think of a grape. It's plump, firm, juicy. That's what your skin cells look like when they're not hydrated vs hydrated.

Me Time Botanicals Glow Getter Serum & Moisturizer with Moth Bean, alternative to Retinol

3 Power House Ingredients To Keep Skin Firm & Plump

  • Pro-Vitamin B5 found in Hydration Boost binds water to skin and pushes it deeper into the epidermis, stimulates collages, and smooths & renews.
  • Moth Bean found in Glow Getter strengthens the skin, supports cellular renewal, stimulate collagen & elastin production. Plus is a powerful  antioxidant repairing UV damage due to the ferulic acid and caffeic acid also found in Moth Bean. Can I get an WOOHOO for Moth Bean?
  • Rose hydrosol found in Phyto Tonic strengthens skin with Vitamin B group + lipids while refreshing and hydrating

But remember, hydration means nothing if you don't seal it in.

  • Fatty acids (rose, grape, and  pomegranate oil, or mango and shea butter, even cetyl alcohol) found in Glow Getter & Clean Slate  seal in hydration, balance and moisturize without clogging pores. 

Me Time Botanicals Simplify to Glow skincare set

Firming & Plumping Skincare Routine

AM -

Rinse sink with a cool damp cloth. You don't need to use a cleanser in the morning.

Mist with Phyto Tonic. Roll on RevitalEyezing.

Mix together 1-2 pumps each of Glow Getter and Hydration Boost in your hand. Slather them on face, neck, and chest.

PM -

Cleanse with Clean Slate, removing with a warm wet cloth. Repeat above steps. Seal everything in with Clean Slate as your very last step. 


#1 DON'T if you want plump, firm, youthful looking skin

After talking with many esthetician partners, they all mentioned sun damaged skin always is much more crepey, dehydrated, and dry...any quesses why?  It's 2 fold. The sun is damaging the skin cells so they can't hold on to hydration plus the sun is dehydrating the skin.

The biggest takeaway here is keep your skin hydrated, find the shade when you're going to be in the sun for long periods of time, wear sunscreen, feed your skin antioxidant rich skincare to prevent and repair uv damage. 

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