Wander - Organic Clean Perfume (Eau de Toilette)

"The seductive scent of Wander makes me feel like a fierce warrior goddess." - Katie

Indulge in Wander as you explore life's seductive journey. Wander calls you to explore, seek adventure, and create a little mystery with her fruity gourmand notes and warm seductive twist.

Wrap yourself in sweet sultry ylang ylang with hint of honey apricot, licorice,  candied peaches, and rich leathery notes of osmanthus intertwined with delicate citrus, warm creamy exotic vanilla, intoxicating jasmine and smooth sandalwood.  Organic, Clean Perfume.

Size: 10 ml

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  • I created Wander because you deserve a clean/natural perfume that evokes a seductive adventure perfect for those occasions when you want to feel sexier.

    Top Notes: Fruity Citrus, Honeyed apricot, Sweet Ylang Ylang, Soft berries

    Heart Notes: Rich Creamy Leathery Osmanthus, Intoxicating Jasmine, Spicy Pink Peppercorn

    Bottom Notes: Warm Seductive Vanilla tangled with Smooth Sandalwood

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