Buff Body Polish (Scrub)

Our unique body polish smooths your skin and soothes your soul as you carve out me time to exfoliate, detox, & relax while gifting yourself soft, moisturized, and clear skin.

Aromatherapy and body softening all in one! Yes please! Exfoliate and treat your senses with a little In the Buff Body Polish as your stress washes down the drain. Our polish is truly unique as the emulsified oils moisturize & soften your skin without leaving a greasy residue.

  • *Skin softening, polishing, and moisturizing for silky smooth skin.

    *Detoxifies, exfoliates & improves circulation and decreases inflammation

    *Promotes a tighten & tone skin with every use

    *Fades the appearance of stretch marks & cellulite over time

    *Excellent for acne prone skin, dry or oil skin

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