Phyto Tonic Rejuvenating Facial Mist



  • Deeply hydrate, plump, & rejuvenate with a blend of organic neroli, white rose, & frankincense distillates that encourages cellular repair, restores and improves skin.
  • Rebalance microbiome (skin flora) to optimal pH.
  • Anti-inflammatory and astringent properties soothes, cools, nourishes, & tones
  • Jasmine, coconut, and hibiscus extracts moisturize, promote cell turnover, boost skin elasticity, & strengthen skin barrier.
  • Intoxicating aroma is grounding and destressing. 
  • Perfect for all skin types. 


Organic artisan crafted hydrosols of neroli, white rose, and frankincense are the stars of Phyto Tonic blended perfectly with hibiscus and jasmine extracts to rejuvenate, even skin tone, and nourish the skin. The deeply hydrating tonic helps tone and soothe while gifting skin a nutrient rich dose of antioxidants and botanical extracts that plump, fight free radicals, and improve overall skin health.