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Clay Play - Cleansing Grain & Purifying Mask

$28.00 Regular Price
$22.40Sale Price


* Gently enough to use as a daily cleanser to remove impurities, dirt, sweat & excess oils.

* Watermelon extract delivers vitamin C, detoxifies, and unclogs congested skin

* Promotes circulation, softens, and exfoliate for a polished complexion 

* Ginger, coconut milk, and oat soothes inflamed skin

* Gentle clays and rosehip promote cell turnover and collagen production


- Add Masking Bowl & Brush for $10



The beautiful, mild, silky blend of White Kaolin + French Pink Clay and organic botanicals of ginger, rosehips, coconut milk, oat, watermelon extracts & lavender is the perfect match for all skin types even those with sensitive, oily, dry, combination, blemished or aging skin. The dry powders allows you to mix with water before using in order to maintain a long shelf life and allow for no preservatives needed.