I never would have dreamed turning 40 would feel this good. ~ Kara

Meet Kara

Founder & Creator

My journey began after my own struggles with self-care & blemished skin. I found myself burned out from a 60+ hour per week corporate career, in an abusive marriage, and trying to juggle family life. Hormonal breakouts were showing up on my skin because I wasn't eating well, sleeping well, drinking enough water, slacking on my skincare routine, and stress was building up. I found it challenging to find 'me time' and put myself last on the list constantly. I felt overwhelmed, overworked and insecure about how I looked. 


After many tear-filled sleepless nights, I realized that if I was going to show up as my best self, it was important to fill up my own cup first. 


After building up the courage to leave my abusive relationship and finding true supportive love, I found happiness in yoga classes, meditation, and through self-care rituals. I started making my own natural skincare products as a way to put myself first. And I fell in love with it. My skin started healing and so did my soul. During a mediation, it dawned on me that other women were often in the same burned out situation struggling to take care of themselves and not confident in their skin.


Inspired and renewed, I felt a calling to teach women it is OK to pause. Fueled by my passion, I enrolled in Formula Botanica's award winning Organic Cosmetic Science School to broaden my formulation knowledge and to dive deeper into plant science. After graduating, I set out to create a botanical-based skin care line that encourages you to carve out Me Time with all of the self love, and none of the overwhelm. 

It is truly a pleasure to be a part of your journey.


Enjoy your Me Time,


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My Promise to YOU

Revitalizing your skin & soul is my #1 priority.


 I promise to keep it simple through creating multi tasking products, to never use synthetics, always be plant-based, cruelty-free and keep your skin radiant at an affordable price.

My 3 Favorite Rituals

Of course, I shouldn't have favorites. That's like saying you have a favorite kid, right?!


But, these 3 rituals are my absolute favorite ways to revitalize my skin.

Glow-getter Radiant & Blemish Free Serum

Phyto Tonic Rejuvenating Facial Mist

Berry Bright Polishing & Brightening Enzyme Mask