Me Time Botanicals

Skincare should be simple & multi-functional because who has has time for a 10-step skincare ritual! Enjoy a glowing complexion in less time & finally feel confident going makeup free. Feed your skin naturally WITHOUT putting those harsh, skin stripping, hormone disrupting ingredients on your beautiful face.

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You now have everything you need for your daily skincare routine WITHOUT having to apply 10 different products or spend an arm & a leg for clean skincare.

"I can't get over that I FINALLY have nice skin. You have boosted my self-esteem and my skin is so happy now. Thank you so much!" ~ Myranda

Make the switch today to safer skincare without sacrificing results so that you finally get the radiant, soft skin that you have been dreaming of so long.


Heck, soon you may even be going makeup-free! Wouldn't that be nice?!

Lauren from Ohio

The collection has everything I need to unwind after a busy day. Easy and effective, my skin and spirit is rejuvenated. I love how Kara encourages me to focus on myself and take a moment to breathe.

Kristina from Washington

Just after 2 days, I noticed  brighter skin, even skin tones, reduced redness, and improved texture. Seriously amazed!  So easy to use plus I get an instant glow.

Courtney from Texas

Thanks for creating amazing natural products that are so versatile. Growing up, I wasn't taught a proper skin care routine. So happy that I finally have an easy to use skincare ritual that I can mix and match-it's been life changing!

Scoop up your collection to get these

multi-tasking skincare rituals to rock that dewy hydrated glow TODAY!

Clean Slate 3-in-1 Makeup Remover, Cleansing Balm, & Radiant Sleeping Mask  2.1 oz  $30

One jar so does much! Melt off makeup, cleanse, and doubles as a daily and nightly moisturizer for a radiant complexion.

Clay Play Cleansing Grain & Purifying Mask 2.5 oz   $28

Silky formula transforms your skin by reducing inflammation and redness, while cleansing, polishing, softening, and purifying congested skin. 

Phyto Tonic Rejuvenating Facial Mist 2 oz  $16

Rejuvenating and intoxicating hydrosols and extracts hydrate, tone, and refresh your face promoting a cellular turnover.

Morning Perk Eye & Facial Serum 10 ml  $25

Light-weight yet deeply moisturizing serum and facial oil in one that immediately de-puffs and brightens the undereye plus delivers a dewy complexion.

Berry Bright Polishing & Brightening Enzyme Mask 2.7 oz $30

A truly multi-function mask that polishes, brightens, hydrates with honey, berries, and extracts while the aroma calms the mind. Visible results after just one use.

Sweet Kisses Lip Treatment Oil 10 ml $15

Revitalize, moisturize, and soothe dull, dry lips with a rich non-sticky treatment that help repair cellular damage.


ONLY $120

($144 value)

plus FREE Shipping

My journey began after my own struggles with self-care & blemished skin. I found myself burned out from a 60+ corporate career while trying to juggle family life. After many tear-filled sleepless nights, I realized that it was important to fill up my own cup. 
Finally, I found myself after several yoga classes, meditation, and through self-care rituals that  included baths goodies and face masks that I whipped up in my own kitchen. 
Inspired and renewed, I felt a calling to teach women it is OK to pause. Fueled by my passion, I enrolled in Formula Botanica, an Organic Cosmetic Formulation School to create a botanical-based skincare line to encourage you to carve out Me Time.

Meet Kara

Founder and Creator