The #1 Secret for a Youthful Glow

May 14, 2020

The #1 Secret for a Youthful Glow

We are all on a quest to trade dull skin for a more youthful looking glow.  A facial massage is the secret for the youthful glow you've been chasing.  Seriously, isn't the massage always the best part of facials, manis, pedis, or any spa treatment?  I'm a sucker for a massage, aren't you?! It feel so so good. I'm even a bigger fan of the benefits of a facial massage. Have you ever noticed that after a facial you leave looking glowy and relaxed?!  Ever wonder why? Spoiler's the massage! 

Does a facial massage really work? Absolfreakinglutely! It lifts the brow, tones and tightens facial muscles as well!

Let's dive into the other benefits of a massage.

Stress and inflammation are always two key factors in dull skin. A facial massage is like a mini-yoga/workout session for your face relaxing muscles, stimulating collagen, increasing blood flow, and reducing inflammation giving you a yoga glow. 

Increases circulation 

Facial massage also increases blood flow, promotes cellular turnover and stimulates the increase of collagen production all due to oxygen flooding to the skin.  The boosted circulation also reduces inflammation, puffy skin, and encourages movement of stagnant lymph. Hello refreshed, smooth, glowy skin!


HOT TIP: Incorporating a twice weekly DIY massage with a facial oil or a balm like Clean Slate into your skin care routine will give you more youthful appearance. 


Relieves tension

Since we hold stress in our muscles and fascia (the weave of connective tissue built of mainly collagen), a facial massage releases the tension in the jaw, forehead, and around the eyes. I'm looking at you forehead lines and the damn vertical line that never fails to show up in between the eyes after working on the computer or being stressed. The gentle touch of a facial massage relaxes tight muscles and melts away stress in your face allowing fine lines to soften.   


HOT TIP: Add a facial massage right before bed during your night time routine for a deep restful sleep.


When you start to incorporate a massage with the best skincare routine steps you can say Goodbye Dull Skin, Hello Gorgeous Glow. 

Not quite sure how to give yourself a facial massages? Try our tutorial for a DIY Facial. 




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