Cozy vibes: All things fall

October 06, 2021

Cozy vibes: All things fall

Ever notice the moment we slip into October, it automatically feels cozier. Why is that? Even though here in Charleston, it feels like second spring instead of fall, I still automatically feel the need to snuggle up. 

In the spirit of the fall, I've gathered a few of my favorite things to keep you healthy, cozy, and glowing all season long. So grab those cozy sweaters and a comfy blanket to read all about my favorite things fall. You're sure to love them too.


A Tasty Coffee Treat

Charleston Coffee Roasters, a local boutique roaster blends up some amazingly rich fair trade coffee, I enjoy it every morning.  But for the cooler months, I love creating something a little extra especially on the weekends. It's simple yet indulgent.

Maple Pumpkin Coffee: Drizzle a spoonful of pure maple syrup in the bottom of a mug, pour in some freshly roasted coffee, top with a little whipped cream, and a dash of cinnamon and organic pumpkin spice. I just love using my Me Time mug and this spoon so much, it's a whole vibe. Stir & enjoy.

Me Time Botanicals Fall Candle Coffee Mug Simplified Skincare youthful Glowing skin


A Cozy Home

Our Limited Edition Cozy Cabin Candle will give you all the fall vibes with the calming sweet woody scent reminiscent of a cozy cedar cabin with hints crisp orange, warm honey and cinnamon swirling the air. Enjoy the soft soothing glow and faint crackle of a sustainably-harvested wood wick. Hand crafted by me.

Pro Tip: You can even use the warm wax as a cuticle, hand and foot treatment. Simply drizzle the remaining warm wax at the very bottom of your candle (after your wick won't burn anymore) on hands and feet. Massage in and remove after 10 minutes (if you like) using a cloth or paper towel. Think spa treatment without the paraffin. 

For your Health

Vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry are such important antioxidants and minerals to keep you healthy throughout the year.  Make sure you're also supplementing with Vitamin D and K, especially during the cooler months when you're not spending as much time outdoors. RD Naturals, is my go to boost for my immunity. Sara is a local Charleston Registered Dietitian and the formulator behind her elderberry syrup, elderberry drops, and gummies line. Enjoy code FALL15 for 15% off. 

RD Naturals Elderberry


Pro Tip: Enjoy a cup of warm lemon ginger water in the morning outside while you sun gaze. It's great for digestion, give you extra antioxidants, warms you up, and supports your circadian rhythm.


Enjoy the Spa Experience at Home

Bring the spa experience into your own bathroom. Once or twice a week before stepping into the shower, mix a little Clean Slate and Berry Bright together in your fingertips. Massage on your face, down your throat and chest. It's the perfect way to exfoliate, brighten, and nourish your skin while in shower. Rinse off right before you get step out. This my favorite masking combo when my skin needs to be deeply nourished. No clean up required.

Indulge a little more with a few extra minutes washing away stress and buffing off flakey dry skin by massaging In the Buff Body Polish over arms, chest, and stomach down to your toes. I love slathering Nourish Me onto my damp body to lock in hydration and deeply moisturize after stepping out of the shower, especially as the temps dip.


 Bye bye dull rough dry skin, hello smooth touchable softness.


I hope this autumn season brings you a sense of calm, a welcomed slower pace, and all things cozy.  XO, Kara

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