10 Fun Ways to Upcycle Empty Skincare Jars

January 14, 2020

10 Fun Ways to Upcycle Empty Skincare Jars

You may be recycling, up-cycling, or even composting now! WAY TO GO, if you are! If not, please, please start!

These are huge steps in reducing landfill waste and really doing your part to help the environment. Plus, who likes to be wasteful? NOT ME!

Me Time Botanicals is NOW doing our part to reduce waste. HOOOORRRAAAY! All of our packaging will NOW be in glass jars and bottles. Glass can be forever recycled which also reduces the energy to producing glass because it takes less energy to create glass packaging with recycled glass. WIN-WIN, right?!

Before tossing those used jars into the recycling, you should try these fun and creative ways to upcycle those empties.


1. Gratitude Jar & Love notes to yourself! Write down on small pieces of paper reasons you are happy, love yourself, & enjoy life. Open one when you need a little encouragement.
2. Make yourself a candle in jar or bottle to enjoy during your mediation, bath time, or reading time. Beeswax helps purify the air and cuts down allergies.
Recipe: Melt down 50% organic beeswax and 50% organic coconut oil. Pour into jar with a cotton wick. Let cure for 24 hours before lighting! Enjoy the flicker of light.
Or fill up a used Nourish Me Body & Hair Elixir or Phyto Tonic Rejuvenating Facial Mist mister bottle with a 5 drops each of tea tree, orange, and lemon essential oils with a 50/50 blend of distilled water/vinegar for a cleaner. Add 10 drops of your favorite EO blend with distilled water and a bit of alcohol for a room spray.

3. Store snacks like berries, sliced fruit, hummus, dressing, & nuts for on the go snacks or lunch. Plus you save money when bringing snacks from home. WIN-WIN! Berry Bright & Clean Slate jars are perfect for on the go snacks.
4. Date night idea Jar - Write down date night or day date ideas with yourself on pieces of paper. Pull one out 1 time a week and commit to doing it that day.
5. Pour leftover pasta sauce or veggie/chicken stock into leftover Float in the Buff bottle and pop in the fridge.
6. Infuse your own olive oil for a delish cooking addition. Add chopped garlic, rosemary, & basil to bottle and fill up with olive oil. Let infuse for a week or two. Drizzle over veggies before roasting or in a pan with tossed pasta, fresh tomatoes, and spinach for an amazing light dinner. Empty Clay Play Cleansing Grain & Purifying Mask bottles make perfect bottle for infused oils.
7. Clip fresh flowers from your yard and bring in the beautiful blooms. Or root clippings you want to later plant. You will love fresh blooms in every room of your home. Plant a little cute cutting or succulent in a jar for your desk.
8. Put fresh herbs in bottles or jars with a bit of water at the bottom to root. Either leave in the water to clip to add to your dishes or plant in dirt. Replace water every week. Great way to keep your rosemary, basil, dill that you buy from the market.
9. Use for q-tips, makeup brushes, hair ties, or corral lipsticks, bobby pins, & tweezers.
10. Save up for something! Drop loose change or bills into the jar to see how much you can save in a month! Then treat yourself to some more goodies!
Making the most our of what you already have is so key in life. I really hope you enjoy these tips & give these ideas a try to reduce waste. Make sure you are recycling them when you are have finished enjoying them
Enjoy your Me Time,


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